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Innovation Coaching Training

Innovation coaching will teach you how to spark idea generation and how you can facilitate, lead and coach individuals and groups of people to increase their overall innovation capacity and speed. The program will teach you how to unlock innovation potential, how you can deal with barriers and risks with simple and advanced coaching, the process to a break-through with structured steps of innovation and the balance between discovery and delivery skills with a leadership focus.

We use Disney's creative techniques to encompass innovation from rough ideas, refining them and finally turning them into practical reality. The techniques and tools we work with and use in the training exercises of the program are based on research and broad practice.

The training program is beneficial for everyone involved with any type of routine or project work. The techniques you will acquire can be applicable in all areas of your work and personal life.


  • A deeper understanding of innovation and the ability to create an environment for successful innovation.
  • Awareness to how you can boost the outcome of the different phases of innovation from the generation of ideas to making them applicable.
  • To understand and be able to use your coaching, facilitating and structuring tools that help accelerate innovation. Improve your organizations innovation capabilities through your communication.

Program Agenda

  • What is Innovation?
  • Creative Tools and the Environment
  • Leadership Focus in Innovation
  • Innovation Coaching Skills, Behaviors and Competencies
  • Balancing Innovation with daily tasks and routines
  • Organizational Challenges

On-site or online course

We run full day or two half day courses on Innovation Coaching Training.

The training program is offered both on-site and online.

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