The Leadership and Coaching group
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Leadership development

Developing the personal leadership in development programmes focussing on:
  • Strong and solid leadership development
  • Direct implementation
  • Stress-free training – stress reduction
  • Programmes focussing on the leader’s strengths, thus creating a higher development efficiency
  • Based on the research of emotional and social management qualifications as well as leadership efficiency
  • Management programmes supplying the leaders with a quantum leap in their leadership, personal and career development
  • Developing an emotional and social intelligent leadership and creating a very strong network
EQ Leadership education
During a 6-month period the personal leadership is developed through training days and personal coaching. The performance within a range of the leader’s central duties is strengthened already early in the process, at the same time as stress is reduced and managerial overview is strengthened. Managers and leaders from a wide range of the largest companies in Denmark will be participating.

Company programmes
Tailor-made programmes for a management group or for a large number of managers will be carried out based on the same principles as in the open programmes, but focussing more on the company’s values and strategies.
Generally, the programmes run over a 6 – 12 months’ period, where the personal leadership, the management team’s performance and the company’s or the division’s strategy and values are developed, influenced or implemented more strongly. A number of the largest companies in Denmark utilize these programmes.

Programme for top-executives
Once a year we run a special course for top-executives, focussing on the development of the personal leadership, visionary management thinking, coaching aspects for when the top-executives coach their top-managers, including global and intercultural aspects of leadership and strategic cooperation.
In this programme we especially focus on the managerial and personal development together with creating a strong network within the development group.

The scientific foundation
Research in emotional and social intelligence within management done by Goleman, Bouatzis and McKee among others, as well as analysis of close to 4000 managers and leaders globally is part of this foundation. This research shows that the development of certain areas within social and emotional intelligence of leaders can be directly related to management results. Training methods, which are based on positive learning conditions and personal coaching techniques make the managerial and personal development efficient and is experienced as being easy. Our great experience at translating the theory into practical development is also important for the results.

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