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Coaching management

The leader’s ability to use coaching as a managerial tool and as a development tool becomes more and more important in many modern organisations.

The leaders are not supposed to function as coaches, but it is a great strength being able to use coaching as a leadership-style and managerial tool.
We develop the leader’s ability to use a coaching leadership-style in order to create stronger business results, to develop employees and to create an organisation which is more goal orientated and filled with energy.

The training of the leaders in using coaching more strongly is typically focussed on:

  • Coaching techniques
  • Coaching as a leadership-style, when and when not to use it
  • Advanced techniques, how is coaching adapted to the employee, the team and the situation?
  • Direct implementation
  • Stress-free training, stress reduction already early in the programmes
  • Leadership programmes providing the leaders with a quantum leap in their leadership, personal and career-wise development.

Company programmes

Tailor-made programmes for a leadership group or for a large number of leaders or managers are carried out based on the same principles as the open programmes, but focussing more on the company’s values and strategies. Typically, between 3 and 20 training days are used to develop the leader’s coaching competences.

A number of the largest companies in Denmark use these programmes.

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