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Executive coaching

Coaching courses with some of the best coaches in Denmark as well as a wide range of international coaches covering different nationalities and backgrounds.

How we differ from all others:

Our coaches must be educated and certified from reputable, acknowledged coach-training institutes and have an extensive managerial experience.

Our coaching courses are naturally adapted to the customer’s specific needs. Whether it be concrete problems here and now, or leadership development, business development, personal themes or what ever else comes into focus.

Short coaching courses:

Short coaching courses typically focus on specific competence areas, which the leader or manager wishes to develop or specific challenges, tasks or projects where execution safety and performance are the most important topics.

The coaching helps to achieve success and development.

Permanent coach relations

Permanent coach relations is a coaching cooperation between the leader and the coach, which typically goes on for several years and where the leader receives performance inspiration, support to reduce stress and guidance to work through managerial and personal themes. Usually a permanent coach relation starts out with a short coaching course, where the relation can be tried out and results can be tested and documented.

Longer coaching courses

A longer coaching course often replaces a more traditional leader development course, but where the manager or leader wishes a totally individual course with complete planning and control of the course. A longer coaching course may also be suitable for a promotion with managerial preparation for the new job, thus giving a faster and better start in the new job as manager or leader.

Company coaching

Company coaching means that we are affiliated with a company as “house”-coaches and that one or more coaches can be used when needed, by different managers.

Documentation for coaching efficiency

We always recommend that the coaching’s efficiency is measured financially. We work with a number of simple models for measuring the benefits of the coaching.

Leaders from a number of the largest companies in Denmark make use of our coaching.

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